Waist inversion Stretch Yoga Swing Rope

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The inversion yoga swing will assist you in several ways. There are 4 purposeful reasons the beginner yoga poses will benefit you the most.

  1. Relieving stress.
  2. Reducing back pain.
  3. Strengthening the core.
  4. Elongating the spine.

Yoga exercising should be an exhilarating experience. Starting out will be challenging for you. Remaining positive is a mindset that will carry you through yoga. Having the spirit and inspiration to push forward will move you in the right direction. Rewarding moments will pay off when you look and feel the difference.

3-Steps to Heal Your Spine

Improve Your Health, Enhance Your Well-Being & Instantly Relieve Back Pain

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With regular usage, the benefits of inversion therapy are endless...

More specifically, relieve your existing back pain--no harmful pills or expensive treatments required and you can also protect your back from permanent and painful spine damage.

It has been reported to boost your “happy” hormones and relieve spinal compression. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or all of the above, our yoga swing can help relieve those achy muscles.

 Inversion therapy inversion table yoga swing antigravity yoga

What You Can Expect...

Instant Pain Relief - After a long day, spend a few minutes upside down and allow gravity to relax and elongate your back.

Injury Prevention - Start strengthening and elongating your spine today to prevent future injury and relieve wear and tear.

Flexibility - Add that extra depth to every stretch with strong and supportive materials that allow you to bend further with confidence.

Core and Upper Body Strength - Provide your core with a dynamic new challenge. Use gravity and inversion to push your upper body and core to the limit.

Peace of Mind - With just a few minutes of daily use, our yoga swing allows you to rest easy knowing you’re providing the elongating traction that your spine needs.

 Trx style workout gym equipment exercise equipment

  • Product Size: 98" x 59"
  • Material: Polyester Taffeta
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs

Q: “Do I Need Some Special Training to Use This?”

Getting started is so easy. I’ve put people of all ages, sizes and background into the Yoga Swing, and within 2 minutes, they're totally hooked. Stiff people, old people, sore people—bring it on!

Installation Options

  •    Buy and use our Ceiling Hooks and Extension Belt.
  •    Hang in a door frame with Door Mount Bar.
  •    Have a back yard or garden space? Get a Yoga Swing Stand.  
  •    Swing it over an exposed beam (in a lofted room, patio, or garage).   
  •    Hang from a swing set/playground (easiest of all).
  •    Tie it to a tree branch.
  •    Hang from a piece of gym equipment (like a chin-up bar).

Common Benefits Reported by Students:

  • Instant traction on your spine (within minutes).
  • Relief of back pain and possibly sciatica.
  • Core strength development.
  • Deeper backbends, shoulder tension release.
  • Functional upper body and full body strength.
Students are often attracted to the Yoga Swing for spinal traction and passive backbends, but very quickly they learn that the functional pulling and grip strength offered compliments a mat-based yoga practice to create a full-body fitness routine. A yoga practice or exercise routine that integrates The Yoga Swing, even if just once or twice per week, includes pushing, pulling, holding, twists, backbends, forward bends, hip opening and so much more. You can work your shoulders, calm your nerves, and leave class floating on air. 

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